Tuna zuke-don – marinated tuna on rice

Feel like sushi at home but don’t have the 8-10 years to put aside to train to become a sushi chef? I have a super duper easy recipe for you!  This is pretty much deconstructed sushi with marinated tuna sitting on top of a bed of rice.  In japanese, zuke means to soak or marinate and don is short for donburi and all you need to know about that word is if you see it on a menu, it means awesome.  Ok seriously, literally it means ‘bowl’ but essentially any dish with the word ‘don’ on the end means deliciousness on a bed of rice.  Katsu-don (crumbed pork cutlet on rice with tonkatsu sauce), gyu-don (marinated beef on rice), oyako-don (marinated chicken and egg on rice).  Any questions? Continue reading