salmon skin crackling – how to get the perfect crispy skin every time


Seriously, trying to be healthy is hard work and to be honest a little inconvenient and it’s not like I’m even trying to be healthy 100% of the time.  Let me take one example, since the new year I’ve been trying to increase my water intake to the recommended 2 litres a day. Well…I’m not sure how you people do it.  I’m fairly sure that this initiative has decreased my productivity by at least 25%.  I am constantly running back and forth from the bathroom and I’ve even downloaded an app that tells you where the nearest public loo is just in case I get into a little pickle, tragic!

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Chermoula snapper with a bedazzled cous cous

Hands up in Melbourne if you are totally sick of our bipolar weather.  This morning it was balmy and a touch humid and now…well let’s say I’m sitting here typing this still with my coat on looking out onto a depressing grey sky, trees swaying back and forth with the wind…sucks balls.

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