Prawn soft shell tacos

The seafood/fish taco is a relatively new concept to me.  Until the Mexican restaurant phenomenon that has recently taken over Melbourne, my experience of Mexican food was Old El Paso out of a box and few crappy renditions of Mexican food at poor excuses for Mexican restaurants.  And then I had my first prawn taco when Mamasita’s in Melbourne opened and I have been craving it ever since.

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I made my own tortillas…yeah I did!

The earth moved for these tortillas – literally…that’s how much they rock.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Actually, I tell a slight lie… the earth moved not just for these tortillas but for everyone in Melbourne tonight.  As I was just about to write this post, the house started to shake, the windows were rattling and there was a deep rumbling sound that went on for about 30 seconds.  I initially thought it was the neighbours again with their ‘doof doof’ music which normally vibrates through our house but that wasn’t it.  Tonight we had an earthquake and to be honest, I think I peed in my pants a little.  Once I realised that we were actually having an earthquake, I slightly started to panic.  What do I do?  Do I run outside? Do I hide in the bath? (no, that’s for fires I think), do I stand in a doorway? do I get down low and go go go? (nope, that’s fires again).  By the time I had gone through the options, the earthquake had stopped.  Yup, I’m awesome in a potential emergency situation…

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Holy guacamole!

Hola chico’s and chica’s this week we’re going Mexican.  I know, I know… there’s no shortage of mexican restaurants in Melbourne now for everyone to enjoy but now that winter has well and truly settled in who wants to wait in a queue for a taco.  Now you can settle yourself in front of the fire or whatever heating method your house employs and tuck into some delicious mehican that’s a cut above your old el paso.

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