Grilled lamb cutlets with salmoriglio and a cabbage, pea, radish, chilli and parmesan salad


Uh hello…remember me??

I know I know, it’s been like forever (no exaggeration here) since I’ve posted on this blog and I feel terrible you guys but I’m sure y’all have been just as busy as I have and haven’t even noticed my absence…right??

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Lamb, harissa and almond sausage rolls

The last few days I’ve been feeling a little uninspired.  The words are just not flowing like they normally do – my first case of ‘blogger’s block’.  I’m fairly sure it’s just because I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t had an opportunity to even think about what I might write about today.  However, this doesn’t mean I don’t have a mouth-watering recipe for you to try.  Over the weekend, I catered my first event – YAY.  My best friend Immy’s gorgeous parent’s 40th wedding anniversary – amazing right?  I just hope that when the Dr and I hit our 40th wedding anniversary our kids (that are currently just a twinkle in the Dr’s eye) will be just as thoughtful to throw us a party to celebrate such a milestone occasion.

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