Say cheese….cake!

Today I started writing a boring post, really about nothing much.  I was lacking inspiration big time and had given myself a deadline to finish.  This did not get the creative juices flowing I tells you, quite the opposite.  Instead, I checked my emails, did the washing, watched gangnam style on youtube, checked facebook, twitter, pinterest, checked facebook, twitter, pinterest again, made myself a miso soup, chatted to a friend and watched my deadline zoom right past me.

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Girls do I have a recipe for you….

So it’s almost the end of winter, and I’ve been indulging in comfort food all winter long and that’s what winter is for right? pasta, bread, potato,… but now I have a wee problem… my pants are starting to feel the pinch so I need to make a few adjustments here and there.

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Spinach with sesame dressing (horenso no goma-ae)

I am totally going through a fashion slump right now and it’s bugging me.  I have clothes, and I could wear these in cool combinations but I seem to keep going back to the same 3 or 4 outfits to get me through, and I can tell you they are not so cool that you’d find me gracing the pages of The Sartorialist, nope, not happening.

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Stress free pork belly

Crackling gives me anxiety.  Not eating it…god I love eating it (although it probably gives my arteries anxiety), but cooking it.  It’s one of those things that you’re never 100% sure how it’s going to turn out and if it’s not good then it’s probably one of the biggest kitchen disappointments….ever.

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Tuna zuke-don – marinated tuna on rice

Feel like sushi at home but don’t have the 8-10 years to put aside to train to become a sushi chef? I have a super duper easy recipe for you!  This is pretty much deconstructed sushi with marinated tuna sitting on top of a bed of rice.  In japanese, zuke means to soak or marinate and don is short for donburi and all you need to know about that word is if you see it on a menu, it means awesome.  Ok seriously, literally it means ‘bowl’ but essentially any dish with the word ‘don’ on the end means deliciousness on a bed of rice.  Katsu-don (crumbed pork cutlet on rice with tonkatsu sauce), gyu-don (marinated beef on rice), oyako-don (marinated chicken and egg on rice).  Any questions? Continue reading