Kick-ass 1-minute fat-free berry ice cream

Berry Ice-cream1

Have you guys ever had that moment when you work something out and for a brief moment you think you are a complete genius and then it dawns on you…hang on a second…maybe I’m not a genius, in fact maybe I’m quite the opposite…am I’m the only who DOESN’T know about this thing!

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Salted caramel ice-cream with crumbled meringue

This, I think, is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.  I’m sorry, but today I’m patting myself on the back for making one of the best ice-cream flavours ever.  When I first tested out this recipe I think my eyes literally rolled back into my head when I had the first spoonful – it is totally off-the-hook bonkers delicious.  Yes I know, I’m tooting my own horn but whatever, I’m totally giving myself a poppin’ today.  Enough said….

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