DIY Ricotta


I made cheese!!! I’m a little chuffed with myself I have to say, I mean this goes in the same category as making your own crumpets or curing your own bacon, it’s just something you don’t generally think about doing at home.  But I’m here to tell you that making your cheese, well ricotta, is kinda so ridiculously simple I’m not sure why I hadn’t done it before.

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Zucchini and basil crustless mini quiches

Hands up for those of you on a low-carb diet?  I know there’s a stack of you out there; Atkins, Dukan, anyone?  Well…strictly speaking this recipe is not diet food and probably wouldn’t be given the tick of approval by Dr Dukan but maybe Mr Atkins would be ok with a few of these baby quiches.  It does include cream but when everything else at a party is carb-laden (which obviously makes for killer drinking food) it’s nice to have something that isn’t wrapped in some form of pastry.

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