Grapefruit Brûlée


So I don’t know about you guys but the men (namely the Dr and my dad) in my life are ridiculously hard to buy gifts for.  Every time a birthday, anniversary, christmas etc rolls around, I try to get organised and start thinking about what amazing gift I am going to surprise them with.  Then my stress levels increase, I can’t think of anything.  Why can’t they just be into technology and then I could just get them the latest thingamabob of whatever’s going around, but they’re not.

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Arabian pancakes with figs and orange-flower syrup

Today we’re taking the fig to the Middle East people.  Told you this little gem was versatile. This recipe was inspired by one of Nigella’s recipes for Arabian pancakes with Orange-Flower Syrup.  I have mixed it up a little here and half the figs are cooked and half them are served fresh which I think adds a lovely lightness to the dish.  You could serve this dish either as a dessert or for brunch.  It may seem like there are a lot of components to this recipe but I promise you it’s dead simple.

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