Oeufs Brouilles – The creamiest scrambled eggs in the world

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So it seems that everyone I know is either in Paris at the moment or heading to Paris during the European Summer.  Ok… so not EVERYONE, but a significant proportion of people that I know are heading to the city of awesomeness and the point is that I’m not.  I know I know, jealousy is not an attractive trait and I’m obviously excited for everyone that is getting to experience one of my favourite cities in the world and love that I get to share my favourite spots with them but I am incredibly green with envy that it’s not me who’s going.

I’ve been writing Paris lists and emailing them off left and right and as I write them I get to relive the moments we had at those particular places and the meals that we had that will be forever ingrained in my tastebuds and I can literally almost taste the meals as I write about them.  I’m fairly sure that I almost short-circuited my computer a couple of times from the drool dripping onto the keyboard.

A couple of days ago my cousin who is currently in Paris, sent me a photo of him sitting at the café that we used to go for brunch on a Sunday.  It was almost enough for me to jump online and book the next to plan to Paris.  We had our  ‘Sunday ritual’ where we would get up in the morning head down to the markets in Bastille, pick up our produce for the week and then on the way home, ride to a café in the Marais called Café Charlot and have a gargantuan ‘le brunch’ which would see us through the day.

This brunch opened my eyes to two things, one was pain perdue made with brioche, which I have already posted a recipe of and the second was Oeufs Brouilles.  Oeufs Brouilles is essentially French scrambled eggs.  But THESE scrambled eggs are the creamiest scrambled eggs ever and topped with shredded smoked salmon makes for an incredibly indulgent brunch.  Would you expect anything less from the French?

Now I know that people are fussy about their eggs.  A lot of people I know are grossed out by runny eggs so for those you who sit in this boat, unfortunately this recipe may not be for you.  This is not your dried, crumbly solid scrambled eggs that you find in a hotel breakfast buffet.  These scrambled eggs are cooked slowly on a double boiler and with the addition of butter maketh the best scrambled eggs EVER.

Oeuffs brouilles – creamiest scrambled eggs

Serves 2

What you need:

  • 6 eggs
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 tbsp of butter plus 1 tsp butter
  • 3 slices of smoked salmond, finely sliced
What to do:

In a medium saucepan bring some water up to the boil about 1/3 up the saucepan.

Whisk the eggs with a pinch of salt.

In a medium sized bowl that fits snugly over the saucepan, melt the tsp of butter.  Once melted add the eggs.  Stir continuously with a wooden spoon until curds start forming and the eggs are cooked but are still creamy.  This can take anywhere from 5-10 mins as you’re cooking on a low heat.

Take the bowl of eggs off the heat and stir through the rest of the butter.  Serve into two bowls and top with the shredded smoked salmon.

Serve with some crusty bread or toast.

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