Kick-ass 1-minute fat-free berry ice cream

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Berry Ice-cream1

Have you guys ever had that moment when you work something out and for a brief moment you think you are a complete genius and then it dawns on you…hang on a second…maybe I’m not a genius, in fact maybe I’m quite the opposite…am I’m the only who DOESN’T know about this thing!

So you see, last week I was ironing my clothes and I gotta tell you I don’t iron that frequently (shh keep that to yourself). Ironing is my most hated domestic task.  Usually when I put something on and I realise that it’s all creased, instead of being normal and taking it off and ironing it, I’ll head straight to the bathroom and hit the creases with the hairdryer.  That’s how much I hate ironing.

Berry Ice-cream2

Anyway back to the other day when it finally came to a point where I was forced to do some ironing I was working out how hot I should iron a particular garment and then it hit me….you know that tag on your clothes that has washing instructions on it and it has the symbols for the tumble dryer, washing temperature etc.  Well….the iron symbol has dots within it that correspond to the number of dots on your iron…genius no?  Or is this common knowledge that I’ve been kept in the dark from?

Berry Ice-cream3

So I had a similar moment with this recipe.  I made it the other night for dessert and it was soooo goddamn easy, it’s almost a push to call it a recipe.  Not only was it easy but it was ridiculously good and ridiculously guilt free.  I mean this ice-cream doesn’t have any fat…NO FAT!!! and if you really wanted to you could substitute the honey with stevia or agave syrup.  As soon as I made it, my first thought was I gotta tell everyone about this…again…it’s GENIUS!  And then it hit me…again…is everyone already doing this and I’m just some Johnny-come-lately?  Pffft, whatever, I’m sharing this recipe with you regardless if you’re making it every night already like I am.  You can use any frozen fruit you have on hand, I’ve done it with frozen raspberries, blueberries, mixed berries and mango and they’ve all been sooooooo good.  Make it now…seriously.

1-minute fat-free Berry Ice-Cream

Serves 4

Slightly adapted from Jamie’s 30 minute meals

what you need:

  • 500 g frozen berries (you can use mixed berries or just 1 variety of berries)
  • 500 g non-fat greek yoghurt
  • 3-4 tbsp of honey
  • few springs of mint (optional)
  • 1 punnet of berries

what to do:

Bung it all in a food processor and whizz it up for about 30 seconds until it has formed ice-cream consistency.

Pop some berries into the bottom of each serving glass and then spoon the ice-cream on top and finish off with a few more berries for garnish. Voila!

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  • Leah

    Hmmm, might be time to finally buy a food processor!! Says the woman who only bought an iron about a year ago…

    • Jules

      Hi SIL – I would recommend that you buy one of those bamix things. They come with a small food processor thing. Even I don’t have a full food processor and I’ve gotten by all these years!

  • Kate

    If you want a creamier texture, you could always add a frozen banana – it just adds an extra layer of lusciousness, plus you can reduce the amount of honey by the natural sweetness of a ripe banana…
    Great photos :)

    • Jules

      Hey Kate, Thanks for the tip! I have heard of the banana tip used to make a healthy chocolate ice-cream but unfort I’m not that big on bananas but may try it anyway. Gotta try everything once right!

  • pumpkinpie

    Thanks for the tip on ironing. I will try the fro yo, too.

    • Jules

      Haha! I’m not sure I’d call it a tip – more just laziness and and a disdain for ironing but please feel free to use this technique :)

  • Alex

    Stumbled on your blog via Pintrest and LOVE IT. Read pretty much all of your posts and then realized you’re a Melbourne girl too. No wonder I related so well! My SSB?

    • Jules

      Thanks Alex – wil mosey over and check out your blog tonight!

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  • Natalie

    Try it with frozen banana pieces too! It makes the texture super creamy and gives it sweetness without additional sweetener!

    • Jules

      Thanks Natalie for the suggestion. I actually have read recipes before using bananas but I’m actually not a really big fan of bananas that’s why I like this recipe so much.

  • Elaine Park

    I was enjoying the banter about ironing etc but wondered why it was necessary for the g-damn thrown in.

  • JesusDudeSpellYogurtRight