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Hello world, welcome to Merci Mama, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of food and cooking with you.  I’m Jules, a foodophile (fyi I hate the word foodie) from the moment I could eat solid foods.  From Melbourne Australia, with a Japanese mum and a Maltese dad, there was no question that loving food was in my genes.

That’s me in the photo getting intimate with my first red velvet cupcake in Austin, Texas, sooo good!  I have just returned from a year of travelling around the world with my man (the Dr) and having had the opportunity to eat amazingly delicious dishes from so many different cultures coupled with being away from my kitchen for so long, I am inspired to go nuts in the kitchen and document these adventures.

So why is the blog called Merci Mama you ask?  This blog is a bit of a dedication to my mum who really by far and away is the best cook I know.  I have such great memories of her whipping up three course dinners every night and having the amazing ability to recreate dishes exactly that she had eaten in restaurants.  Unfortunately she’s no longer here but when I’m in the kitchen I feel connected to her.

I don’t claim to be a writer nor a photographer, so you will have to forgive me for some crap photos taken with my broken point-and-shoot/iphone and any spelling/grammatical errors.  I am doing my best so no haters ok?

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  • Kate

    Yay for the new blog! Good luck with it Jules xo

  • Jayclaringbold

    Go get em Julia!

  • mercimama

    Thanks you guys!

  • MMGroupie

    LOVING the new blog Girlfriend! I’m inspired already!

  • jb

    Looks great! and now I’m starving and must hunt down some mediocre lunch type stuff in the cbd…

  • Lewis

    Looks great. Love the photos! The food looks so yum

  • Shona

    OH MY GRAVY….I have been caught licking my screen! Thanx Jools! xoxox

  • Foodophile! I’ve never heard that one before but I may just have to start using it myself 🙂

    • Rico

      I agree, Foodophile is better than Foodie, and in line with `ophile terms already in use for other interest.

  • Janice

    Thanks for the flour tortilla recipe. I’ve made corn tortillas before, but this is my first time making the flour ones.
    They worked out great, and much more yummy than any store bought crap! They were also a hit with the family, as at one point I turned round and found them raiding the plate that I had put the newly cooked tortillas on. Had to threaten them with the rolling pin to get them to go away.
    Will check out other recipes on here soon.
    Thanks again!

    • How great are they! Until I made them, I didn’t realise how easy they were and how much they actually add to the taco.

  • Laura.P

    Your cooking is sooo amazing my dad loved the rabbit stew! Good luck with you cooking! ;D

    • Thanks Laura for your kind words, I’m so glad your dad loved the rabbit, it truly is an awesome recipe, thanks to my dad!

  • cheryl

    Hello there!….Do you remember me? I was at the gilroy cookoff dinner with my cousin, Susan Mason…
    I just want to say how very sorry I am for the HUGE HORRIBLE mistake that that Jerk made crowning
    you 2nd place and then stripped you of itI had tears in my eyes for you…how very horrible!…You handled
    it way better than I ever would have…You are a winner in my book!….Keep Cooking!…I LOVE your
    Blogg!!!….Take Care…

    • Hi Cheryl, Thanks for stopping by and glad you like my blog. Unfortunately I think you have me mixed up with another Jules as I don’t recall participating in the gilroy cookoff dinner but I agree that it sounded horrible for that poor girl who had her titled stripped from her!

      • cheryl

        Oh No I am sorry. wrong blogg

  • Whorrified

    Again, love this blog! You’re marvelous. I’m linking to your blog from mine (a gossip blog in Toronto, but who cares, right? Gossips love to eat, I’m sure of it!) http://www.whorrified.ca/

    • True dat! Thanks again for the link xx

      • Rico

        True Dat? Written like makes me wonder if you had the chance to enjoy the wonderful food and spending time in my hometown of N’awlins (New Orleans) Louisiana during your travels with your Dad? Locals never pronounce anything as intended and shortening it by a few syllables as we give words our own flavor, lol.

        I love your blog as I’m single again (terrible welcome home to surprise divorce and empty bank account after a year deployment in Afghanistan, following 13.5 years of marriage with 3 children) and had to become familiar with cooking / kitchen out of necessity since during our marriage, as a stay at home mom she claimed the kitchen as her work space and wasn’t too fond of my assistance. Well at first I had to learn how to cook but now as my skills have improved from mere survival & nutrition, I have found that I really do enjoy cooking. So thank you for sharing with me (us).

        • Hey Rico, yes I did get to visit your wonderful hometown of N’awlins!! Definitely one of the highlights of my trip. Would definitely love to come back again and spend more time there (maybe for jazz fest?). I do have to say I was very taken with the Beignets amongst all the other amazing culinary delights in NO. I’m so glad you are discovering the joys of cooking and thank you for your lovely words, I hope you do enjoy cooking some of my recipes!!

  • Jessie

    Love this blog and your cooking!

    • Thanks Jessie, you’re too lovely!!

  • Sara

    Hi I am Maltese ie from Malta (same place as your father) and tried out your dads rabbit recipe. delicious to taste but too boney for my liking.

    • Hi Sara, rabbit have a lot of little bones so can be quite boney and I can totally understand why not everyone would love it, but I’m glad you gave it a go!